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How to prolong the service life of welded pipe equipment?
Release time:2021-05-08   browse:310second

The contribution of welded pipe equipment in the current welding industry is also immeasurable, and enterprises should pay more attention to its care. So in the actual production process, how can we extend the service life of welded pipe equipment? Now by the welded pipe equipment manufacturers to introduce to you.

Want to better extend the service life of welded pipe equipment, galvanizing is now the ideal choice. Galvanizing is actually to prolong life and protect equipment. Before galvanizing, we should make full preparations. First of all, it is necessary to clean the surface of the steel pipe of the welded pipe equipment, so as to better ensure the cleanness of the steel pipe surface, remove rust and iron oxide shop, so as to better ensure the adhesion performance of the coating. Therefore, the surface pretreatment of steel pipe must be carried out before plating. The general pretreatment mainly includes degreasing, acid pickling and water washing.

Then is the degreasing operation, the so-called degreasing is to remove the black pipe surface grease and dirt, so as not to affect the effect of pickling. General alkali washing can be realized by burning or alkali washing. It should be noted that the alkali washing time of high frequency welded pipe machine is generally kept at 8-10 minutes.

Then there is pickling, although alkali washing can also remove stains better. But what's the difference between the two kinds of stains? The purpose of pickling is to remove some oxidized scale on the surface of the steel pipe. Its advantages are that it can be operated at room temperature. The ability to remove the scale is relatively strong, the base metal is less eroded, and the hydrogen absorbed is also very little.